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Everything You Need to Know About Gas Powered Blenders

Everything You Need to Know About Gas Powered Blenders

Gas powered blenders are kitchen blenders that use gas to run. The three types are the Gas Powered Party Blender, the Tailgator and the Daiquiri Whackers. Each has unique features and advantages.

Gas powered blenders have a stream engine capable of pulverizing foods. There are three different models with different features and advantages. These three are the Gas Powered Party Blender, Tailgator and the Daiquiri Whacker.

The three models are powered by a two stroke gas engines. It ranges from cc-25 to cc-30, with up to 2.25 horsepower.

Gas powered party blenders is fit for a large party. It blends up to high volumes of beverages. This blender depends mainly on methane gas consumption.

UnTreehugger: Gas Powered Party Blender (9.99)
oEasy to pull handlebars and adjustable throttle
oCan puree foods for about 2.5 seconds
oNo mixing required
oCan grind cube ice faster
oGood for outdoor activities like boating and camping
oCompact storage

•4-stroke, 23cc engine
•21 in. telescopic legs (adjustable)
•16 in. Length x 15in.Width x 21in.Height

The TailGator Gas Powered Blender (9.95)
Tailgator became popular when it featured at the TV show called “Home Improvement.”

oLightweight plastic pitcher is detachable, easy to clean and made by Oster
opitcher is replaceable
oAccessible controls (kill switch, primer and choke)
oMade from stainless steel blades (shaft) with sealed ball bearing construction
oCustom designed ballistic black nylon carrying pack
oStraps securely inside the bag/pack
oTwo sewn in nylon drawstring sleeves for quart bottles.

•Capacity: 48 ounces
•Weight: 10 pounds
•Speed: 0-chill (15 seconds), with no lumps at 11 seconds
•Fuel Capacity: 11 ounces
•24cc Poulan with 2 stroke and 2 ¼ horse with RPM infinite variable, speed and throttle control.
•Economy Feature: 6,500 mpg (Margarita’s per Gallon), 2-cycle oil for a gallon of gas.

How to use:
oFill up the 60 oz. pitcher with ice and beverage
oReplace the cover and push the fuel primer button many times
oSet the start and run arm; pull the handle
oControl the speed with a single finger throttle control
oAfter 15 to 20 seconds, push the stop button
oRemove the pitcher and pour onto glasses

Daiquiri Walker Portable Gas Powered Blender 9
Daiquiri Walker is a portable blender with an attitude. No cords or generators are attached, therefore ideal for outdoors. Daiquiri Walker was engineered to help minimize assembly labor, including the cost for its parts. It has different engine types: the 23cc Homelite motor and the 26cc MightyLite Engine. The engine is easy to operate with the easy Zip start feature.

The top part acts like an umbrella that protects the motor from spillage. It is easy to clean by washing the jar and wiping off the base. The center receptacle holds an Oster jar. This jar is slotted in the back to allow spills to escape and prevent the liquid from being seeped into the motor.

The start cord, choke and kill switch are all easy to find at the front part of the motor. The plastic jar is unbreakable. The blender has special blades that can crush big blocks of ice. It comes with a One Mountain Research aluminum fuel bottle, especially good for mixing gas and storing fuel.

Gas powered blenders are an innovative tools mostly used for parties or outdoor events. They are easy to operate. Branded blenders are known to be more durable and lasts longer.

For more information on Gas Powered Blender and Top Hand Blenders please visit our website.

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