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And the Most Powerful Blender Goes To….

The Winner Is – The Blendtec Total Blender…

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Watch this video to see the Most Powerful Blender on the Market… It is available today on

A unique feature for a powerful home use blender is Blendtec’s Smart-Touch Tec-nology™. With a push of a button your Total Blender will go through a programmed cycle; it will automatically speed up and slow down according to the program, then shuts off when the cycle is complete. The Total Blender is available in 4 different colors and all come with a blue LCD display that shows count cycle. Blendtec also now offers a 3qt BPA-Free container with a 4 inch blade.

Every Blendtec Total Blender comes with a 3 year warranty on the motor and base and a lifetime warranty on the blade. If that’s not enough it also comes with an “Ice Crushing Guarantee”.

Payment Plans Are Now Available!

This demonstration shows only a small demonstration on what this machine can do.  It replaces 8-9 kitchen appliances in your kitchen.  Certainly a great appliance.

As Tim Allen used to say on the TV show “Home Improvement,” we can always use a little “more power.” And when it comes to blenders, there are two classes of machines – the typical kitchen blenders, and in a totally different league, the super blenders. In that category, two of these power blenders contend for top honors: Vitamix, and Blendtec.

Just as in the PC versus Mac face-off, each super blender has its ardent proponents.

These blenders accomplish truly amazing feats. They churn through virtually anything with ease, liquifying it to perfect smoothness. They can make ice cream but also, hot soup. They can grind raw wheat into flour, then bake bread right in the container. They make the smoothest smoothies anywhere on the planet. Whole fruits and veggies can go into these blenders, skins, seeds, and all.

These industrial-strength blenders are in use not just in restaurants and the kitchens of top chefs, they have also found an enthusiastic market in homes and apartments all over the country. Those on raw food diets and other health-conscious consumers find them indispensable for creating green smoothies. Kids love how they quickly produce ice cream, sorbets, and freezes. Moms love how they can create hot soups, home-made bread, and other nutritious fare for their families.

Perhaps you’re considering one of these blenders and trying to decide between the two. If so, you almost can’t go wrong with either, given their amazing power and features. Still, they do have differing features, and only by doing your homework and comparing the two will you conclude which is best suited for you.

You will then discover that these two top power blenders vary in ways that may matter to you. One has a bit more horsepower, though the other has more blades. One has a tamper to push food down into the blades; the other does not. One is a bit too tall to fit under kitchen cabinets; the other fits easily. One has manual controls; the other has digital push-buttons. Do a full comparison. Watch video demos. Then, seriously consider the advantages you will enjoy when you order and use one of these wonderful blenders.

I’m Ken McFarland, and I own one of these two great blenders (I’ll tell you which one and why at my website – I invite you to come on over and see a full comparison of the two power blenders, as well as a few video clips demonstrating them in action.

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So you have heard both sides of the story, which then leads to a decision which machine is the most powerful.

Blendtec Blender

Vita-mix Blenders

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