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Look For The Blendtec Sale of the Year

Look For The Blendtec Sale of the Year

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Recently, they have developed a new 3 qt jar, which is unmatched.  Giving the ability to blend ice, and other materials that are used in your kitchen.

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Health Article Of the Day:

The Why, What, and How of Healthy Eating

We all lead busy and stressful lives. At times, our obligations at work and at home get so hectic that we neglect some of our most important and fundamental needs as human beings. Often, people resort to quick food fixes because they are fast, easy, and convenient. The biggest issue with these quick fixes is that they create more problems than they solve. This article is about solving the initial problems before quick fixes even come into the question. It’s about how healthy food choices must become an element of your daily routine.

The first problem is not WHAT you eat, but WHY you eat. People with bad eating habits have a complete misunderstanding of what food is. When you eat to indulge your taste buds, you are eating for the wrong reasons. Sure, there is nothing wrong with the odd meal that goes out of moderation, but it’s imperative to understand that food’s primary purpose is not to treat you. Food is fuel; it’s what gets you through the day. More and more we’re seeing people understand this and eat 5-6 regular small meals throughout the day, but it’s a point that needs to be hammered home to those of us stuck in a 3-big-meal lifestyle. Give your body enough food to burn for a few hours with each meal. This means smaller portions, but it also means you get to eat more often!

Now that we’ve tackled the why, let’s get to the what. There are 5 pillars to healthy food choices that are important to consider every time you eat: fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains, and HEALTHY fats. These are the food groups that give your body the nourishment it needs to not only get through the day, but thrive throughout the day. Think of your body like a plant; if you give it the right amount of sunlight and water it will thrive, but if you keep it in a cupboard and give it soda, it will die. It’s not rocket science, it’s simple, and all it takes is determination.

The third problem is attitude. When you haven’t been eating right for the majority of your life, or when you’ve tried and failed to diet and exercise, people get discouraged and become unwilling to accept change. Here’s the biggest secret -every healthy person you know isn’t trying to change anything! The people who make exercise and healthy food choices part of their regular routine are invariably the ones who stay healthy the longest. It’s a lifestyle choice, people! You are not going to diet for 6 weeks and stay thin for life. Lifelong health requires a shift in your thought processes and attitudes about food and exercise. That is why I always recommend people get a mentor, personal trainer, or food coach. The support of professionals who understand the science behind health and motivation is of immense value, and it’s out there. Understand the value of seizing opportunity and having the right attitude and you will succeed in anything you pursue.

So, in so many words, healthy eating is all about eating for the right reasons, eating from the five pillars of healthy food choices, and having the right attitude with the support and mentorship of others who have succeeded. Happy eating!

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