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Why Buy A Blendtec

Why Buy A Blendtec?

caramel apple wildside Why Buy A BlendtecCold ice cream. You can cook hot soups. Whole fruits and vegetable juices. You can shred cheeses, grind coffees, and make salsas. You can even take all your nuts and turn them into nut butters. So for all your nuts in your families you know what to do with them right. No, I’m just teasin’.

Obviously I brought you a quality product, right. Certainly you’d demand a quality price.

Well, let me tell you. In order to replace this blender you’d spend $200 on a grainmill cause we’ll take all your grains, wheat, corn, rice and turn them into flour. 50 sec. It’s all done in the same blade same jar. You don’t need any other attachments.

Then you’d spend another $200 on a juicer. But, remember, juicers spit out all the fiber. Not to mention, they’re a pain to clean when their done.

Then you’d spend another $275 on Kitchen Aids and Cuisinarts with all their attachments, their like an erector set to put together. They do bread dough in 15-20min. We do a 1lb loaf of bread dough in 5min folks! You get the ingredients and the instructions right here in your Lifestyles cookbook that comes with your blender today.

cilantro chili sauce Why Buy A BlendtecWe’ll stop there. Your already up to $700 in three different machines and you still can’t make cold ice cream and cook hot soups. Not to mention you’d still need to get a coffee grinder, a food processor and a professional cooker to try to replace the machine so you’d be well over $1000 to try and replace it and I haven’t even mentioned a blender yet.

Suggested retail on this machine is $599. But here at Costco/Sam’s you can get it for $379.99. It comes with that 4yr extended warranty for a total of 7yrs on every single piece and part except you get the lifetime warranty on the coupling and a lifetime warranty on the blades inside the jar.

Now,  they come in two different colors Black or White. Usually, choosing your color is the toughest decision you have to make.

Their all made here in the U.S., definitely something you don’t hear everyday.

You’ll notice your blender comes standard with a 64oz container. But, that’s the only 64oz container, on any blender, that will fit under your eighteen inch counter top.

All the other jars sit about 4-5in higher. So, you have to take them apart, throw them under the cupboard and ya never use them again. We want you to use this every day.

family making smoothies Why Buy A BlendtecYour Recipe book comes jam packed with well over three hundred different recipies. Each recipe gives you highly detailed nutritional information. It tells you what ingredients to put in and what button to push. It doesn’t get any easier than that folks. This is the most user friendly machine you’ll own in your kitchen.

You’ll definitely want to take a look at that there are allot of great options in there.

So, what do you think? Do you want a white one or a black one?

Buy Blender – Blendtec Blender That Is..

Buy Blender – Blendtec Blender That Is..

Looking to buy a blender – If so, choose the Blendtec Blender.

Look no further than Blendtec for the best blender on the market.

draft lens12555481module113426991photo 1281058142roundup 0000000000007109 1 Buy Blender   Blendtec Blender That Is..MADE IN THE USA!! » The most powerfull and durable Home Blenders on the market.  13 AMP 1500watt & 20 AMP 2400watt motor’s!
» Lifetime warranty on the blade and coupling. No hard plastic and rubber couplings to replace WHEN they break!
» No Plunger Necessary – The patented two blade design, coupled with automated varying speeds, eliminate the need for plungers saving you time and making your healthier living a breeze! » No Need for two containers to get full use of the machine! – Everything is done with the same blade and same jar. No need for a seperate dry goods blade or jar. » Fits under standard 18″ cupboard – No more taking it apart putting it under the cupboard never to be seen or used again.
» Electronic surge and thermal protection – State-of-the-art electronics ensures reliability and durability. NO MORE PUTTING YOUR MACHINE IN THE FREEZER WAITING FOR YOUR MACHINE TO COOL DOWN AFTER OVERHEAT!
» More Quiet! The advanced engineering design of the Total Blender and jar makes it much less noisy than other blenders. » Only weighs 6 pounds! The advanced engineering design of the Total Blender and jar means that there is no need for a wieghted base. » No antiquated buttons knobs dials or switches! The heat sealed digital key pad of the Total Blender makes keeping your Blender clean and sanitary.  » Recipe Book included! The Total Blender Comes with over 300 recipies. Each recipe comes with instructions telling you what ingredients and the order to put them in It even tells you what button to push. 

A Closer Look At The Blendtec Total Blender

The Blendtec Total Blender provides consumers with an admirable list of benefits that can compliment occasional use as well as daily blending. Is the Blendtec Total Blender a good investment for your household? Before making your next appliance purchase, learn more about this quality model and the pros and cons that come with it.

How Much Blending Power Do You Need?

One of the biggest complaints about low quality blenders is their inability to chop, puree, or liquefy all ingredients. Have you ever made a refreshing smoothie only to find an untouched chunk of ice or fruit in your cup? If you have ever encountered this problem, consider upgrading to a Blendtec Total Blender. With two stainless steel blades that whirl at up to 29,000 revolutions per minute guided by a 3 HP direct drive motor, it is hard to not blend each ingredient on any setting.

Durability Backed by a Guarantee

The Blendtec Total Blender also offers quality that lasts. Consumers can also rest easy with three warranties that guarantee a positive experience. A three year warranty covers the motor base while a one year takes care of the jar. A lifetime warranty is offered on the coupling and blade system. An ice crushing guarantee is also offered to ensure the Blendtec Total Blender lives up to consumer expectations.

Functionality Fit for Any Kitchen

Quality is very important, but so is convenience. The Blendtec Total Blender offers all the basic necessities plus user-friendly extras. This model features a digital touchpad so choosing the right pre-programmed blending cycle is simple. The two quart blending jar provides a large enough capacity to suit household use, even for a family. The jar is equipped with a secure fitting lid for an added layer of safety while blending. With a sleek design and square jar, the Blendtec Total Blender provides a hint of professional appeal perfect for any household.

The Noise Factor

The Blendtec Total Blender provides a great deal of power and functionality in a household appliance. Consumers appreciate the quality, warranties, and durable construction. However, there is a downside to the Blendtec Total Blender. Some consumers complain about the noise factor during use. The powerful 1560 watt motor seems to roar more than purr. Anyone who enjoys late night blending while their housemates are asleep may find this to be a problem. That being said, the Blendtec Total Blender provides excellent quality, even if it is in a loud way.

About the Author:
Benni Jenyfari is a freelance writer who provides informative and detailed articles and reviews for a number of websites including Unique Gifts . Read an informative and detailed review of the Blendtec Home Total Blender.

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Fruit Smoothies Blender

Fruit smoothies blender

lime Fruit Smoothies Blender

Make the best fruit smoothies with the Blendtec Blender. Using the blender with the most power gives you a professional smoothie in your own home.

The power of the Blendtec blender is un-matchable.  3hp motor and a newly designed blade, makes this machine simply the best blender on the market.

blendtec with pineapple1 Fruit Smoothies BlenderA unique feature for a powerful home use blender is Blendtec’s Smart-Touch Tec-nology™. With a push of a button your Total Blender will go through a programmed cycle; it will automatically speed up and slow down according to the program, then shuts off when the cycle is complete. The Total Blender is available in 4 different colors and all come with a blue LCD display that shows count cycle. Blendtec also now offers a 3qt BPA-Free container with a 4 inch blade.

Every Blendtec Total Blender comes with a 3 year warranty on the motor and base and a lifetime warranty on the blade. If that’s not enough it also comes with an “Ice Crushing Guarantee”.

Click Here for Blender purchase plans and blenders..

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Most Powerful Blender

Most Powerful blender

The Blendtec Blender is the Most Powerful Blender on the Market.  The Blendtec Total Blender has

blendtec with pineapple4 Most Powerful Blender

  • 13Amp / 1560 Watts
  • Direct-drive motor

Plenty of Power

Tired of your blender not being able to crush ice? The Total Blender® has so much power (1560 Watts) it turns ice to snow and actually comes with an Ice-Crushing Guarantee. And now with the new precision tuned 4” blade, you can make larger servings and blend whole foods with the added power of the larger blade.

Every Blendtec Total Blender comes with a 3 year warranty on the motor and base and a lifetime warranty on the blade. If that’s not enough it also comes with an “Ice Crushing Guarantee”.  It simply will be the best blender you have ever used.

Look Here for a super Demonstration of this amazing blender…

Part 1 Video

Enjoy Part 2 and see how Ice cream is made is just 45 seconds…

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