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Mixer Grinders

Mixer Grinders

Ask any homemaker what is her favorite kitchen appliance and her reply would definitely be ‘Mixer Grinders’! No matter how many new types of appliances come into the kitchen, the mixer grinder has not been replaced. It has only gotten better over time.

Mixer grinders are one of the most helpful appliances in the kitchen. This is because this machine can multi-task, and finish off a lot of things in no time at all. It is used for chopping vegetables, grinding coconuts, churning curd, or even preparing a foamy milk shake! In Indian households specifically, these appliances are built to grind spices like turmeric, coriander, black pepper, etc for cooking. Wheat and rice too, can be ground to prepare Indian delicacies like idli and dosa.

Some mixer grinders include a juicer as well. This is particularly helpful to squeeze juices of fruits and vegetables. Some fruits can be put in the juicer as it is, while some need to be chopped first, depending on the blade being used. This is great for summer months when you can prepare delicious juices that are hygienic as well!

Normally, mixer grinders come with three speed options – low, medium and high. They also include 4 blades and 3 jars for performing different tasks. For instance, there would be one blade for chopping vegetables, but a different blade for crushing ice. The four blades include the dry grinding blade, wet grinding blade, whipping blade and the mincing or grating blade. The three jars comprise of the liquidizer or blender jar, the grinding jar and the chutney jar. These appliances usually function at 230W, while some high end models are equipped with energy saving technology as well.

There are many popular brands in the market that offer mixer grinders. These include Sumeet, Inalsa, Philips, Libra, Boss and more. Mixer grinder prices, of course, vary from brand to brand.

These are trusted companies that churn out innovative products from time to time. Their quality is unmatched and is comparable to international standards. They usually come with a shock protected plastic body, a stainless steel jar attachment with powerful blades. The blade attachments differ from product to product.

You can avail great discounts on Mixer Grinders on online shopping portals. When you buy mixer grinders, keep in mind your budget, your requirements and the brand you prefer most. Also, before you buy, check the capacity, motor back up and speed control options on the appliance. Many internet shopping websites offer good deals on some of the best brands.

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1942 “HAMILTON BEACH ~ NUMBER THIRTY ~ DRINK MASTER” malt/milk shake mixer. Works Great! Mixer measures 18″ from top to bottom, 8″ from front to back, and 6″ from side to side. The tag on the bottom reads: HAMILTON BEACH CO. ~ DIV. SCOVILL MFG. CO. ~ RACINE, WIS. ~ MADE IN USA ~ 115 VOLTS DC & AC UP TO 75 CYC. ~ 125 WATTS ~ No 30″. This would be great to make malts and shakes for your family & friends this summer! We are listing this item on eBay, so if you’re interested in purchasing this item, please contact us at

This video demonstrates the operation of a restored, Sterling brand multimixer, with five mixing heads for malts, shakes and other frozen drinks

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Maharaja Whiteline Mixer And Juicer

I can bet on the brand Maharaja Whiteline, just go and ask anyone about it, you will be shocked to know that this is one of the most reliable home appliances brands in India which is ruling the market over 3 decades and a very rare people in India you would meet across, who dont recognize the name Maharaja Whiteline, and the product that had awarded the brand this much trust & love is Maharaja Whitelines easy affordable Juicer Mixer and Grinder series.

For many years maharaja whiteline was dealing only into JMGs ,but now it has made its comeback carrying a huge product line including Food processors, Hand blenders, Mixer grinders, Electric Kettles, Irons and various others, and maharaja whiteline is again in the direction of repeating the history as people are liking them all and of course the trusted name is helping them out a lot. So if you want to bring home Maharaja Whiteline Mixer and juice then here you get five options, you can pick any of them which suits to your budget and requirements, be rest assured on overall performance and durability factors on any of the selected one, the models are called Smoothie Maker MX 113, Real JX107, Ultimate JX205, Nova JX204 & last but not the least Mark-I JX201, each of the produced model is unique in itself and best of its class.

The top end Juicer Mixer Grinder named Maharaja Whiteline Smoother Maker MX113 is assembled with the Shock proof ABS body and loaded with super powerful 600 watt motor, further more it has been attributed with the much advanced and comfortable features like Convenient Stir Stick, Detachable Jar, Thermal Overload Protection, 1.8 liter capacity larger PC and Circuit breaker, so all such features transform it as an honest powerful performer that can execute all the operations so quickly and efficiently.

Rest of the Maharaja Whiteline Juicer Mixer Grinder models are yet again sincerely crafted, these are also built of the same Shock proof ABS body and power packed with the heavy duty 450 watt motor providing overload protection, and on the individual basis they are offered with 2 to 4 jars like blender, juicer & chutney jars, so as the price of every model differs, but in common every model is of long lasting attitude.

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Morphy Mixer And Juicer

One of the most trusted home appliances manufacturing company Morphy is dealing into a number of products carrying a huge product line, kind of products the brand Morphy Richards is into; coffee makers, tea makers, kettles, sandwich makers, toasters, blenders, Mixer grinders, JMGs & Juicers, OTGs, Irons, Hair dryers, Electric cookers, Vacuum cleaners, Portable Heaters, Personal cares and last but not the least Choppers.Though all the products are unique in themselves, but Morphy Mixer and juicers did tremendously well and now are among the much liked mixers and juicers all around, Morphy Richards India too offered almost the same product line that they have globally, talking about JMGs & Juicers, the brand has offered much compatible, advanced and most important in affordable price range, so you would get something suitable on your budget and needs.

Morphy Richards India has got 9 different-different models of JMGs & Juicers, each model is having its own uniqueness, they are precisely assembled looking at all the aspects including multi functions, energy consumption, durability and of course nice looking. As it is been earlier said that all the models are loaded with the different-different features and options so the price is been tagged accordingly, talking about the cheapest model Morphy Citra which is a juicer only costs around Rs 1395,it is powered with the less electricity consuming Bi-directional 60 watts motor, two cones are given for large and small fruits while the given juicer mesh helps out in producing pulp free juice.

A bit higher model Morphy Max has been attached with the 450 watts motor that in addition been offered with 2 speed control and incher switch for executing different-different applications, and this time juicer mesh is higher in efficiency. Morphy Maximo costing Rs 2095 has 450 watts motor and stainless steel juicer mesh and on line pulp collector for more convenience.

Morphy Juicer Max costing Rs 2795 attached with 500 watts motor additionally offering large juicer mesh, cord storage, pulp and juice container. Morphy Effectivo 2 Jar with the price tag of Rs 2995 offering 450 watts motor, 2 ltr liquidizing & 8 ltr grinding jar along with the individual blades for liquidizing and grinding.

Morphy Divo Essential 2 Jar costing Rs 3095 loaded with the 500 watts motor, complete juicer mesh giving higher juicing efficiency, 1.5 ltrs liquidizing & 1 ltr grinding jar offered with the separate blades and on line pulp collector. Morphy Divo Essential 3 Jar pricing Rs 3395 having 500 watt motor and additionally been offered with one chutney jar and 3 multi-functioning blades. Morphy Divo priced Rs 3695 powered with 500 watts CRNGO motor, 5 multi functioning blades, 3 speed control and incher switch, 1.5 ltrs polycarbonate liquidizing & 1 ltr grinding jar and additionally been offered with the separate chutney jar.

Now the top end JMG Morphy Food Fusion costs around Rs 7995 and power projected with the super powerful 700 watts motor, 2 speed control, cleaning brush for filter, cord storage, pulp and juice container and large chute for big fruits. So on the basis of given information you can go and pick any of the model of your choice which suits you best on every aspect.

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About the Author:
Virendra Ahuja is an expert author and helps to buy brand Water Purifiers,Cookwares ,Kitchen Shelves ,and Kitchen Tools, through online shopping, and many more.

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